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About Know Your Worth (NPO)

We are a non profit organization dedicated to teaching Financial Literacy, The Law of Attraction and Knowledge of Self to every age group as early as first grade to college.

Recent Activities

Having Fun While Learning 

We use several techniques of teaching including 

"In Home Banking Board Game"

To teach Real Estate, Business, and Credit.  Now You "KNOW"-KYW


Embracing The Arts

We "KNOW" the importance of exploring the gifts & talents as well as the education of the Youth. Music, Art, Culture, and Confidence are just as important as Scholastics. when shaping our children. -KYW


Science Of Self, Man, God, & the Mathematical Language of Nature.

Science by definition simply means the Study of,,, So Whatever You Study?  "KNOW" Thats A Science.  -KYW


Building Friendship

"KNOW" 1 Teaches the value of Friendship. 

How to Be a Friend, or What to expect from those we call our friends. "Reciprocity" -KYW


Music Class

We "KNOW"Everything in Life is Connected to The Drum.  Even Your Heart has a beat. Connecting to the Universe helps create Balance and Peace. The Universal Language -KYW


Let Your Voices Be Heard

We "KNOW" that we All Have A Voice and We All Deserve To Be Heard. So We Teach Everyone To Speak Up about Issues That Matter To You. Regardless Of Age, Race, Religion, or Social Status. -KYW


We "Know" Using Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Styles Improves Comprehension

Each Month we will Have animated Videos teaching important Concepts on Personal Finance and Money Management

Saving Lives. Building Futures.

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